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The Power of Anonymity in the Material, Historical, and Literary Cultures of the Ancient World (Interdisciplinary Workshop)

Promotionsprogramm Altertumswissenschaften (PAW) der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Veranstaltungstyp: Call for Papers

The purpose of this workshop is to shed light on the power of anonymity in its multiple manifestations in the ancient world, and to explore the meaningful and complex ways in which unattributed cultural products have been received and interpreted by their contemporaneous recipients as well as by later audiences. Core questions to be pursued in the workshop are:

What does it mean—to the ancients as well as to us—if a work is anonymous or not? Are texts or works of art interpreted differently if the author is known or if the name of the author is fake or a pseudonym? Does the absence of a poetic context make a text necessarily less understandable? And is it possible to appreciate an artistic monument or a legal, historical, religious or literary text, although we do not know at all the intentions of its creator/author?

The conference is open to postgraduate students and early career researchers. Please submit titles and abstracts (in German or English) of up to 300 words (excluding bibliographical references)

and a short academic biography by 31 March 2021 at We welcome submissions from all scholarly fields of Classics as well as Ancient Near East and Oriental Studies, Classical Reception Studies and Comparative Study of Antiquity. The presentation at the workshop should not exceed 20 minutes. The keynote speakers are Professor Anna Anguissola

(University of Pisa) and Dr. Felix K. Mayer (Julius Maximilian Universität Würzburg).


18. Juni 2021 - 19. Juni 2021