Conference: "Artefacts and Urbanity"

09.11.2023 - 10.11.2023 Ganztags

THURSDAY, 9.11.2023

09.00 Annette Haug (Kiel) and Miko Flohr (Leiden) Introduction

09.45 Babett Edelmann-Singer (Berlin, Freie Universität) Displacement of Objects: Transformation Processes of Material Culture in Urban Contexts

10.30  Coffee-Break Objects and Ritual 11.00  William Van Andringa (Paris, EPHE) Objects and funerary ritual

11.45  Emma-Jayne Graham (Milton Keynes, Open University) Woollen balls and straw figures: ritually assembling with the more-than-human in the city of Rome

12.30  Lunch Break Objects, Technology and Economy

14.00 Miko Flohr (Leiden) Artefacts and Urban technological lifeworlds

14.45  Philipp Kobusch (Kiel/Köln) Standard Modules. Standardisation as an Urban Phenomenon

15.30 Coffee-Break Objects and Identity

16.00 Molly Swetnam-Burland (Williamsburg, College of William and Mary) Importing Identity: Visible and Invisible Egyptian Objects and Roman Urban Experience

16.45 Stefan Krmnicek (Tübingen) Coins and their Effect on Urbanity

19.00 Dinner


FRIDAY, 10.11.2023

Objects and urban lifestyle

09.00 Adrian Kröger-Hielscher (Kiel) Objects of time measurement and the concept of urban time

09.45 Johannes Eber (Zurich) Smoke and the City. Incense Burners, Sacrifices, and the Sensorial Connection between Urban and Domestic Space in Pompeii

10.30  Coffee-Break

11.00  Benjamin Engels (Freiburg) Faux-rustic Objects, Miniatures, and the Urban Aesthetics of Difference

11.45  Concluding discussion


Internationales Begegnungszentrum (IBZ) Kiellinie 5, 24105 Kiel, Germany Access from the Kiellinie via the terrace.

Organization and Contact: / Prof. Dr. Annette Haug (Kiel) / Dr. Miko Flohr (Leiden)