• Call for Papers: The Damned Despot: Rethinking Domitian and the Flavian World
    Newcastle and Radboud Universities, in collaboration with the Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali, the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden, and the Flavian Literature and Culture Network
    18. Januar 2023 - 21. Januar 2023

    In this conference, we aim to build on recent studies of Domitian and his reign, shedding light on this elusive emperor, whose memory has been largely forgotten, but whose impact on Rome’s cityscape is still visible to this day and whose influence on the later development of the Roman Empire cannot be ignored. We would welcome papers from all areas of research (historical, archaeological, literary...

  • Call for Papers: Scales of social, Environmental and Cultural Change in Past Societies
    Kiel University / Cluster of Excellence ROOTS
    13. März 2023 - 18. März 2023

    Together with our colleagues from the Cluster of Excellence ROOTS, we are delighted to announce the Kiel Conference 2023: Scales of social, Environmental and Cultural Change in Past Societies. The conference will take place from 13.03. to 18.03.2023 in Kiel. After a 4-year break, we will resume the tradition of the biennial "Open Workshop: Socio-Environmental Dynamics Over the Last 15,000 Years:...