• Call for Papers: Buying Art and Antiquities in Eighteenth-Century Italy
    04. November 2021 - 05. November 2021

    The 3rd meeting of the International Conference series “Transnational relations and the Arts” seeks to approach the issue of Art and Antiquities markets in Eighteenth Century. The educational and transformative study travel, known as the Grand Tour, was at its peak and well-groomed men from all over Europe and beyond flooded in the cities of Italy, mainly Rome but also Naples, Venice or Florence....

  • Call for Papers: Ästhetisches Aushandeln. Normen und Praktiken in der Vormoderne
    Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
    11. November 2021 - 13. November 2021

    Der Tübinger Sonderforschungsbereich 1391 „Andere Ästhetik“ untersucht ästhetische Phänomene der Vormoderne und verortet diese in einem dynamischen Spannungsfeld von Au-tologie und Heterologie. Die autologische Dimension meint die technisch-artistischen Eigenlogiken der Artefakte, ihr oft implizites Formwissen oder ihre gestalterischen Traditionen, während in heterologischer Dimension die...

  • Call for Papers: 20 years of PoCA (2001–2021), 18th Meeting on Postgraduate Cypriot Archaeology
    The Institute for Classical Archaeology at the Department of Ancient Civilizations of the University of Basel
    09. Dezember 2021 - 11. Dezember 2021

    Call for Papers


    We warmly welcome papers from young scholars on the archaeology, ancient history, epigraphy and ancient languages of Cyprus as well as multidisciplinary approaches and wider chronological and contextual analyses of Cypriot material culture and its reception abroad.


    Please send your paper proposal with title, name, address, affiliation of the author (or authors) and an...